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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from a session with you?

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Come relaxed! If you need to have a glass of wine/beer/margarita, have one (or two or three).  This is your session so let’s make it fun!  I promise to make it as fun and painless as possible. Please tell the men in your session to contain their excitement about the photo session! :)   I love to laugh and have a good time at the photo session and I expect y’all to have fun too! We will have races, jump from rocks, collect sea shells, and investigate starfish! Your kids are going to play in the sand and that is okay! Your kids are going to be silly and that is okay. You should be silly too!! RELAX and have fun! This is not a studio session and I like natural, candid poses. I will give a little direction but I will not tell you every hand and finger placement. It is good to just be natural and let things fall as they may. We can discuss beforehand any and all poses or groupings you want. If you are a big group, I suggest making a configuration list so nothing is overlooked. I can give direction but it helps to know what you want. I have plenty of poses but Pinterest is a fantastic resource. You can make a "board" of a few poses. This helps me get inside your head to see the types of poses you want or you can leave it up to me and it will be fabulous! 

What should I bring to my session? 

I’ll bring some "beachy" props (shells, starfish, buckets) but you are welcome to bring anything you want. You can bring special toys or blankets to a cooler of "goodies" for the adults (glass bottles are not allowed on the beach... You should bring snacks if your little one might get hungry. It is always fun to get candid photos of children which means they get a little sandy or wet. I suggest bringing a change of clothes and towels if you want some "action" shots. Baby powder is the best way to remove sand from DRY skin. "Google" it!  

Do you Photoshop? 

Photoshop extras are NOT included in your package. Included in the package price are general color correction and/or brightness. If you have a little one who has a boo-boo, I will try to edit it out on the close-ups but those little boo-boos should be remembered!I do NOT Photoshop your hair in every photo to make it look like you are in a studio (cause you’re not!). You are on the beach, outside, and there is WIND. I’ll try and place you in the best position possible to minimize the wind but again, you are outside (WIND). Unless you are bald, you will not have perfect hair on the beach (there will be WIND and humidity). I will NOT switch anyone’s head, eyes, background, blue sky with another one from another photograph. That is just not natural! I will NOT remove buildings from your background if you choose to have your pictures made in a crowded location. I will not make tan lines disappear. Since you know you are getting pictures made, wear sunblock paying close attention to those sun glass tan lines on the men!!  If you do not want tan lines showing, wear a shirt that covers them up.  If you do not want your bra strap showing, cover it up or tape it. Try not to get sunburned before the shoot. If possible, book our session early in your stay and use SUNBLOCK!! The sun is much stronger here than in Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.! The sand and water magnifies the sun’s rays and you can get burned in a few minutes. Reapply sunblock often! BUT, if you really want something corrected, you can hire me for $50 per hour for editing. 

What if it rains? 

I am a photographer; not a meteorologist. If I could predict the weather, my lottery ticket numbers would have landed and I would be taking pictures of coconuts in the winter and Aspens in the summer. :)The weather here can change in a minute. I have no idea when it will change but it will change at some point. If it is raining when we arrive at your scheduled session, we will discuss cancelling and rescheduling. Rain earlier in the day will not cancel your session. The most beautiful sessions have been after a rain. If your session is cancelled because of inclement weather (thunderstorms/hurricanes), we will do our best to reschedule. Trust me; I am NOT going out on the beach in a storm! If we are unable to reschedule your session, your deposit will be refunded.

What should I wear to the photo session? 

Wear loose fitting clothes. There will be some sitting poses.  Do not wear tight short skirts unless you like the feel of sand you-know-where...  Do not wear outfits where your bra strap is showing (unless you are okay with this). If you do not want tan lines, wear something that covers them up. The traditional white shirts with khaki bottoms are very popular because it is easy to have everyone match but it is very overdone. Color looks GREAT on the beach. It is much easier to coordinate (everyone wear a pastel top and khaki bottom) the outfits than match. Stay away from loud, bright prints. I can definitely help you with outfits! Ladies, don't wear a lot of makeup! Apply lightly. Beach shots should be natural!  And your hair will be blowing around in the WIND. It does not matter how much hair spray you wear. If you want your hair to behave, shave it off… Just kidding! Consider wearing your hair pulled back. 

Do you have any tips for photographing young children? 

The best tip I can give parents is to relax! I know sunset can be past some children’s bedtime but it is the best times for photographs. We will meet one hour before sunset.  That is the only time for beach pictures, unless it is VERY overcast then you could meet earlier.  Our white sand and water will cause a harsh glare and squinting. You do NOT want squinting pictures!! And, no matter what you've heard; there is no shade on the beach.  There are a few parks around if you want to do that but then there will not be a breeze and the day can get very hot. I will do sunrise sessions but in the summer that means meeting around 5:30 AM! Try to be rested, especially children (and grumpy men). A late nap and a full belly can do amazing things for children (and grumpy men)! :-)  Bring some beverages/snacks if you have a sunset session and your children might get hungry. If you decide to go eat before your session, please do NOT have the children (and grumpy men) wear the outfits for photographs!!! Yes, you can bring more than one outfit for photographs but remember you have purchased a one hour session. There is not a place to change clothes on the beach for adults (unless we hold up a towel) but children can change anywhere. Practice smiling with your child! If you have multiple children, practice giving gentle hugs and not choke holds. If there is a specific pose you want your husband or significant other to do, show him/her a picture of the pose.  If you want your children posing together, go ahead and break it to your son that he will have to hold his sister’s hand and sit next to her :)

I think that about covers it but if you have a question, ask!

Family Sessions, Weddings, Maternity, High School Senior Sessions and many happy clients!

Family Sessions, Weddings, Maternity, High School Senior Sessions and many happy clients!

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